Should social media be allowed at work?

Raconteur explores this question in its Talent Management Special Report, published in the Times. While people cannot be productive without breaks, polls have found that staff are distracted for as long as three hours every day – or 759 hours a year. With staff so distracted, Raconteur asks if the UK is suffering is suffering from a productivity problem – and what employers should do to fix it. The report also highlights that employers may be partly to blame, as they increasingly demand that staff be always-on, answering emails after hours from their homes.

In this report, our Head of Content, Monica Karpinski, describes Curated’s attitude to staff using social media. Monica goes on to explain that at Curated, staff are free to choose how much time they spend on social media and to manage their breaks themselves. Curated have noticed that when you give people more freedom, they respect it and use their time on social media wisely.

To see the full report, click here.

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