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How to market to millennials

This is a question which scares off a lot of companies — how do you market your product to a generation of people who seem to treat you with suspicion? At Curated, marketing to millennials is one of the things that we do on a day-to-day basis, so we were delighted to have our brains picked on the topic. In this interview, Amy, who leads our digital PR team, talks about millennials in general, how they view old and commonplace marketing techniques, and how you really have to change your style if you want to captivate them.

Never before has the consumer had so much power: they have all the knowledge they need at the touch of a button, and aren’t so easily swayed by a promise or message from a company. Brands have to adapt their marketing campaigns to get their message out there, and this involves knowing your audience inside-out. It’s by no means an easy field to navigate, and a lot of it is still uncharted territory, but then again — who doesn’t like a good challenge? If you want to read the full interview with Elite Franchise Magazine, then click here.

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