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How to keep your social media presence professional

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Curated is our love for all things social media. We live and breathe it — check out our #CuratedBookClub on Instagram, and our #TuesdayTips where we film a weekly video giving advice on anything from the basics of a new language to how to give an excellent massage. So it’s no wonder that we were delighted to be asked to write an article on how to keep your social media presence professional for We Are The City. In this article, our Social Media Executive, Danielle, outlines the often overlooked aspects of social media when you are using it in a professional capacity. Of course, everyone knows that it’s probably best to delete those tweets and posts you shared one night after one too many glasses of wine, but what about effectively building a strategy, learning about each platform’s strengths, and finding out what the key is to staying professional at all times? All is revealed in the full article here.

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