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What actually happens when you leave Google

We were mentioned in The Telegraph in an article about what happens to people when they leave Google. asking: “are you mad to leave Google?”. As the God of all things digital, it may seem like the dream place to work, however, our founder Simon felt his work lacked soul. Fed up with seeing digital marketing being treated as a collection of individual channels in silo, he started out on his own, to instead focus on complete client goals. The Telegraph were eager to talk to him about why he left, and whether he felt it was really the right choice. Simon actually left Google twice: the first time, to pursue stand up comedy, and the second, to work agency-side before taking the plunge and starting up Curated.

Google is a great place to learn and to grow in the world of digital marketing, but it also gives you the perfect basis for starting your own company up. If you are interested in hearing more about what it’s like to leave Google, then you can read the full article here.


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