At Curated we love nothing more than a good news story, no matter the subject matter. We understand how important it is to get your name out there and shout about who you are and why you’re important. What’s that you say? A chance to chat to some new people and give some friendly advice when and where we can? Sign us up! We believe that one of the most important things you can do is to bite the bullet and really put yourself out there in order to get good buy levitra online from usa exposure, and get people talking about you. Not only has this approach led us to being mentioned in several reputable publications, but we have also received some great nominations for our work, and have been known to give the odd chat or two at events (we promise this has nothing to do with the free food and drink).

Here are some of the publications we have been mentioned in since starting our journey.

  • The Telegraph

    In this article in the Telegraph, Simon was asked to share some of his insights into the importance of team building trips, believing it results not only in a better workplace environment but also more hardworking, confident staff

  • B2B PR

    Everything is going digital now and PR is certainly no exception. Curated’s own PR wonder woman Amy Shaw was approached by B2B PR’s blog to shed some light on the best practices for executing a successful campaign.

  • The Startup Network

    Simon was recently approached by The Start Up Network to talk about all things Curated. In this article, Simon goes into detail about why he set up the company, what obstacles have been in the way and how the company has got to where it is today

  • We Are The City

    Interviews, whether you are new to them or an old hand can be quite daunting. In this article, Our Digital PR Manager Amy explains the in’s and out’s of the process, and gives tips on things you should and shouldn’t do

  • The Great British Entrepreneur Awards

    In the run-up to the Great British Entrepreneur Scale-Up Conference, Simon was asked to give insight and tips on what to do when you start scaling up.

  • IDG Connect

    In their new series, ‘Millennials Talk Careers’, Monica and Amy go on to discuss what being a millennial in the current economic climate means to them

  • Virgin Media Business

    In this article, Simon talks about why using the cloud and cloud software can do wonders for your business

  • Real Business

    In this article, Simon talks about how, in order to fight your corner as a small business, you need to remain flexible and keep suppliers on their toes with bespoke contracts

  • IDG Connect

    So what is it really like to be a small business owner? IDG Connect got in contact to ask Simon the nitty-gritty about what a day in the life of a start-up owner really looks like

  • Elite Franchise Magazine

    When do you know it’s time to invest in video marketing? One of our senior content marketing executives, Jack Smithson shares his thoughts on how to set out a strategy and plan when it’s time to turn your efforts to video.

  • Figaro Digital

    B2B Marketing is different from B2C isn’t it? In the latest thought piece, our Founder, Simon Douglass explains that while seeming very different at first sight, they actually have a lot more in common than you might think.

  • The Telegraph

    Our Director Monica was interviewed by the Telegraph about workplace sexism in small businesses. Monica talks about Curated’s approach, which gives employees the freedom to shape their role as they see fit.

  • Management today

    Should you go to work when you’re ill? Our Head of Content Monica gives insight into Curated’s approach to staff illness.

  • Startups

    In this piece, Startups interviews our founder Simon Douglass about founding his own company, and taking SEO beyond old-fashioned spammy tactics.


    Raconteur explores the topic of social media in the workplace in its Talent Management Special Report, published in the Times. In the report, our Head of Content Monica Karpinski gives insight into Curated’s attitude to staff using social media.

  • Figaro Digital

    In this article, Figaro Digital explores the legacy of Vine, the video-sharing app. Senior Digital PR Executive Amy explains how Vine influenced content marketing.

  • WeWork

    Our founder, Simon Douglass, was interviewed by WeWork for their 40 over 40 series, which showcases inspiring business owners. Simon gave insight on starting his own business.

  • Digital Impact

    Why is having a blog so important for your business anyway? Our Head of Content Monica sets out to answer this question in a Digital Impact article.

  • Just Entrepreneurs

    Instagram isn’t just great food photos and travel selfies — it can also be a very powerful marketing tool if used correctly. Rosa, our Head of Social, gives out some great advice on how to gain engagement, use hashtags, and how to get people interested in your business

  • Small Business

    Not everything about running your business is carefree and fun. In this article, Simon talks about profit and loss, cash flow, and getting your accounts right the first time. Essential reading for any new business owner

  • I Am New Generation

    In this article, Simon talks honestly about how pitching is one of the most important skills for a business owner, as it not only allows you to grow your business but also helps create meaningful working relationships

  • We Are The City

    We all know the importance of keeping your social media profiles professional, but what about effectively building a strategy and learning each platform’s strength? Our Social Media Executive, Danielle, outlines the key to staying professional at all times

  • Elite Franchise Magazine

    How do you market your product to a generation of people who treat you with suspicion? The head of our digital PR team, Amy, talks about millennials and how businesses can really change their style if they really want to capture this elusive demographic

  • Careershifters

    Simon talks to Careershifters about how he decided to leave Google to start his own business. He speaks candidly about the ups and downs of being your own boss, from working all hours of the day and night to having complete control over the office Spotify account

  • Curated in The Guardian

    Curated was shortlisted for The Guardian’s Start up of the year award, and our founder Simon was shortlisted for leader of the year

  • Curated in The Telegraph

    We were mentioned in The Telegraph in an article about what happens to people when they leave Google. asking: “are you mad to leave Google?”. As the God of all things digital, it may seem like the dream place to work, however, our founder Simon felt his work lacked soul