Music and digital marketing go together hand in hand. Whether you’re working on doing a spot of PPC optimisation, writing some SEO meta descriptions, or trying to solve a particularly difficult Google Analytics query, it’s often wise to chuck some headphones on and listen to some great tunes to help you along. Take a look at the below – something for everyone we think…


The Curated Compilation

A playlist inspired by the ecclectic mix of tastes in the Curated Office.
Perfect for: getting lots of work done

Gals Ft Gals

The music industry, (like all industries) has its fair share of sexism, and this is incredibly true when it comes to ladies in Hip Hop and R’n’B. But what the mainstream fails to tell you is how many women are absolutely KILLIN’ it in the rap game. So we put together some of our favourite gal on gal collabs for your listening pleasure.
Perfect for: taking down the patriarchy

The alternative world cup playlist

We admit it, we’ve got football fever, but reckon there’s more to being an England fan than football anthems. If you’re like us, listen to our alternative playlist bursting with the best of British to get you in the mood without having to figure out the ‘Jules Rimet’ reference. With one little exception, sorry.
Perfect for: Getting ready to welcome football home.

Indie dreams

Hipsters may do a lot of things wrong but they definitely get indie music right. Slow, soft, and melodic indie tunes to help mellow you.
Perfect for: Tuning out and getting stuff done, slow foot-tapping


We’re so excited about Wilderness fest and we don’t even care who knows it. In fact, we want everyone to know. Come share our excitement via this excellent collection of tunes from the lineup.
Perfect for: Getting pumped for Wilderness 2017

Deep house x acoustic

A tropical and lyrical take on house music. All the foot-tapping and feel-good beats we house lovers love, with an alternative blend of acoustic, country, and dance classics.
Perfect for: Feeling masterfully productive while doing repetitive work


Sometimes you just need something classical to wind down. Don’t worry – we’ve got it covered, from Mozart to Einaudi, tune in to hear some of the best orchestral pieces ever composed.
Perfect for: Enjoying musical excellence

Here comes the sun

It’s sunny! Did you see? We can all wear tshirts and enjoy being outside again! A bright indie playlist that blends chilled out and bouncy tunes into the perfect beer-in-park soundtrack.
Perfect for: Cracking open a cold can in the sun

Head bobbing II: the bobbening

No-one asked; we delivered! The somewhat anticipated sequel to ‘head bobbing’. More hip-hop, triphop, and jazz to induce those sweet cranial undulations.
Perfect for: Head bobbing…again

Bye, Europe

The day we never thought would arrive is here, and us tea-slurping Britons will need to begin our slow separation from the EU. A breakup playlist chocked full with all our feels. If you need us, we’ll be sobbing over a bowl of ice-cream while watching Eurovision.
Perfect for: Licking break-up wounds

Springtime awakening

It’s time to shake off those winter worries and put a spring back in your step. A mix of chilled and more up beat vibes to ease you into the summer months and see you through until festival season!
Perfect for: Crisp sunny mornings, daydreaming of summer, background beats

Bluegrass cover band

Get ready to boogie on down to you favourite songs — with a twist! This playlist mixes the best of bluegrass with the classics we all know and love!
Perfect for: Upbeat motivation, bluegrass, road trip playlist


Whether you’re having a tough day at the office or you’re contemplating life’s many mysteries, try immersing yourself in focused atmospheric rock and instrumental calm. It can bring clarity and vision.
Perfect for: Solo listening, intense focus

16-year-old nostalgia

What started off as irony culminated in a glorious collection of songs we actually all still quite enjoy: emo kids and OC afficionados alike.
Perfect for: Sing-alongs, Friday afternoons, teenage angst


For some, January blues are a bad thing. For us, it means smooth and scratchy blues tunes: from the masters to the modern. Whether Son House or Fleetwood Mac, get ready for some serious foot tapping.
Perfect for: Appreciating a brilliant genre

Office house and remix

For those that love a cheeky bit of house, but don’t want to stray into the obnoxious. Office-friendly, easy-listening house that includes real instruments and sometimes words.
Perfect for: Foot tapping and head nodding

Head bobbing

The soundtrack of the unflappable. A lovingly chilled mixture of lo-fi, jazz, hip hop, trip hop, and downtempo — with a dash of funk for spice.
Perfect for: Strutting, headbobbing into a meditative state

Indie Christmas

For those with hipster hearts that love a bit of Christmas cheer — so long as it’s not too mainstream. Smooth and cozy tunes to stroke a beard/ sip a craft beer to.
Perfect for: A very Shoreditch Christmas

Karaoke classics

Those songs you constantly yearn to belt out at the top of your lungs. For best results, use only on a Friday afternoon.
Perfect for: Sing alongs, office karaoke

Hangover feels

Nothing says self pity like a raging hangover. Wallow in guilt and disgust with the help of tunes like Where is my mind?, Karma Police, and Helplessness Blues. You might feel like rubbish today, but we promise you aren’t alone.
Perfect for: The morning after, marinating in self-pity

Girl power

Girls rule, and we know it. From old school soul divas to new school songstresses, Girl power screams the praises of ladies in music loud and proud.
Perfect for: Sayin’ it loud: I’m a girl and I’m proud

PR feels

The ups and downs of a day in PR: hope, uncertainty, and unbridled happiness when your pitch finally works!
Perfect for: Heartbreak, crying in the phone, fist pumping

Songs for the election trail

We’d be lying if we said this year’s US election trail hadn’t tugged on our heartstrings/toyed with our will to live. So we made a playlist full of moody, angry, defeated, and hopeful tunes to get us through.
Perfect for: Crossing your fingers and toes that the right candidate will win

Ultimate gym

A playlist to get your sweat on to. Whether you’re lifting, smashing out a run, heading for a HIIT session, or just lacking a bit of energy, let this heady mix of EDM, Drum & Bass, Grime, and classic bangers work its magic.
Perfect for: Sweating it out in the gym

Songs for Tinder

Love, sex, confusion, sadness, boredom…the perfect emotional cocktail for an evening of swiping. We’re here for you: let this playlist be your partner in crime/ shoulder to cry on.
Perfect for: Swiping right, crying into a bowl of ice cream


A handful of the best pop songs ever. Do we need to say more?
Perfect for: Friday afternoon, sing along sessions

RIP British summer

For two glorious weeks a year, Brits enjoy the spoils of summer: pretending it will be warm enough to get a tan, and being outside past 8pm without a jumper. As we again reach for our wooly knits, join us in saying goodbye to British summer.
Perfect for: Post-summer blues, looking wistfully out the window

Power film scores

From the elegant yet haunting scores of The Godfather and Legends of the Fall, to Hans Zimmer’s orchestral masterpieces found in modern blockbusters, these powerful film scores hit all the right notes.
Perfect for: Work inspiration, at-home film reenactments, emotional resonance

Aussie Rules

A bloody ripper of an introduction to music from Down Under: some oldies, some new stuff, and some indie bits you’d miss if you blinked. Made by an actual Australian.
Perfect for: The Office, Barbies etc…

Country Chill-out

A brief introduction to modern country music for those new to the genre. Chilled easy-listening, perfect for getting some work done, or having a smooth whiskey of an evening.
Perfect for: Office, Evening Whiskey

Glasto 2016

Our roundup of the best from this year’s Glastonbury, as seen by our Head of Content. From Tame Impala’s psychedelic buzz to some bouncy world music, enjoy beats form the world’s best festival (minus the mud).
Perfect for: Glasto reminiscence.

Latitude Festival 2014

A playlist bookended with two Billy Bragg tracks and which contains lots of Bombay Bicycle Club and The War on Drugs tunes. What’s not to like?
Perfect for: Pre-festival, post-festival, middle class dinner parties, background noise.

End & Bye

Want to commemorate an ending, say goodbye and f**k you in the same breath? This ambiguous list of upbeat and downbeat tunes is perfect for you then. Stick it on!
Perfect for: break-ups, leaving your job, background office noise

Wedding Playlist

Who needs selfish DJ’s who are play stuff that THEY want to play? Try this random mix of tunes that builds through some classic indie, cheesy 80’s and 90’s, hip-hop, harsh grime, party tunes, and er… Wilson Phillips. Change the first dance tune though, that’s personal innit?
Perfect for: weddings, background office noise

Oldies, newies, goodies

A curated stroll through northern soul, ska, 60’s, garage rock, reggae, hip-hop and bongo.
Perfect for: office parties, pre-going out, background office noise


Breaking Bad Soundtrack

SPOILER ALERT! Not really, but maybe. Depends how good you are at interpreting lyrics. If you’re sad that breaking bad is no more then listen to this and it’ll make it all better.
Perfect for: Running a crystal meth business, background office noise

Beats to think to

Whenever this playlist has been on in the office we’ve got lots of work done. So it clearly does what it says on the tin.
Perfect for: contemplation, background office noise (lets be honest, what playlist isn’t?)