“Working with the team at Curated is a breath of fresh air! Helpful and strategic, these guys are not only clever, their impact is instant and long lasting. Clearly passionate about their work and clients, they have a knack for keeping the spirit of a business intact while weaving great ideas together and creating magic.”

– Chantelle Sturt, Communications Director

Industry: Food, education, environment

Channels used: Content & PPC

Goal: Brand awareness, new audiences

The Wonderbag is an innovative, portable, and eco-friendly slow-cooking product. By bringing your food up to the boil, the Wonderbag continues the cooking process for up to 12 hours using traditional heat-retention methods — eliminating electricity, fuel, or battery requirements.

Curated were tasked with providing Wonderbag a foundational platform designed to engage with 4 specific audiences: sports/recreation, sustainable living, foodies, and techies. To do this, we developed an in-depth tone of voice highlighting the key language pillars Wonderbag needed to think about when speaking to these audiences.

This helped inform the next part of the strategy: analysing search intent. By interpreting what content the 4 audiences enjoyed buy generic levitra canada engaging with, we put together a plan on creating rich content within those circles — keeping brand USPs and target audiences in mind. This gave them the platform to successfully kickstart their organic content.

At the outset of our PPC activity, we analysed the trends and competition in this space. At first, we recognised that it was difficult to compete for highly competitive searches of ‘slow-cooker’ and ‘crock-pot’ related terms. However, we also knew that awareness of sustainable, non-electric alternatives was comparatively small.

We, therefore, devised a strategy of building out granular and highly targeted campaigns for terms related to sustainable living and sports (camping) related themes. For the more competitive market of people searching for slow-cookers, we directed traffic to content-heavy pages to generate awareness about the Wonderbag product and brand. We then utilised remarketing campaigns to direct these visitors to product pages at a later date, when they were closer to purchasing.

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