Industry: Education, business and finance

Channels used: Content

Goal: Traffic driving, engagement, new audiences

Once a newspaper for students looking for careers in finance-related fields, the Gateway is a digital educational and employment hub that advises on what it’s really like to work in certain roles and what it takes to get there.

Curated worked with the Gateway to produce a series of long-form articles that would serve as the backbone of the investment banking section, acting as the first post of call for students with broad questions such as: what’s it like to work in an investment bank? And what is investment banking? These articles would answer these questions in terms of the wider economic impacts of investment banking as well as the practical day-to-day of what happens inside them. Readers would be pointed to other, smaller articles that would give more detailed information about more specific queries.

As well anticipating search intent, and so working to boost SEO, this would encourage logical user journeys through the information on the site, and draw in new audiences who were new to the topic.

Long-form content has a demonstrable impact on search visibility but isn’t the only type of content that can draw in readers and boost engagement. Curated put together a tone of voice and content strategy for news and editorial content, based on what we found our audience to be engaging with at the browsing, inspiration phase.

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