Industry: Professional services

Channels used: Paid (PPC), content, organic search (SEO)

Goal: Sales, new customers

The Formations Company have helped over 250,000 new businesses to incorporate. They offer a range of formations packages and start-up services (logo design, consultation with accountants and professional services). Curated helped The Formations Company to boost sales using a mix of different digital marketing channels, to capture potential customers at all stages of the purchase funnel.

Potential customers at the lower end of the funnel are closer to making a decision to forming a company — to reach them we used paid search. These audiences have already done their research, and are searching for specific services, such as ‘registering a company’.

We also targeted higher-funnel, aspirational terms too. These tend to convert at a lower rate but are essential in building brand awareness, and bringing in new customers. The space itself is very competitive, which is where The Formations Company’s unique service offering and strong, authoritative on-site content were able to set them apart from their competitors.

Content was instrumental in reaching potential customers at the top of the funnel. Based on our unique audience research process, our content aimed to perfectly address user questions and concerns about forming a company, in an accessible and supportive tone which wasn’t being struck by competitors. Once they had read and absorbed the information they were looking for, they were hopefully a step closer to forming. When they were close enough, we’d target them with either more useful content to help them make their decision, or a paid ad pushing them to take the leap.

Our content was positioned as a ‘Help Centre’, and has been hugely successful: we have seen record organic growth, and leaps in rankings for relevant terms, including top rankings for some very competitive terms such as ‘company formations’ and ‘company formation’. You can read more about our success with the Help Centre here.

We’ve also run a handful of creative, and digital PR campaigns, to get new audiences excited about the possibility of starting their own business. As well as flexing our lexical muscles, we’ve created video content that we conceived, produced, and distributed. Cool, hey?

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