Industry: Food and drink, Events

Channels used: Paid (PPC), paid social media, content (digital PR)

Goals: Ticket sales (ecommerce)

The crowning jewel in the annual Chocolate Week festivities, The Chocolate Show brings together local and international chocolatiers, artisans, and experts to showcase innovation in the delicious world of chocolate. With live demonstrations, cooking classes, and a sizable spread of exhibition stands with all and any kind of chocolate you can think of, we were only too happy to work with The Chocolate Show to drive ticket sales and raise awareness and interest of the show.

The goal was to sell 5,000 tickets to the show. We did that by primarily focusing on paid advertising (PPC and paid social), but also used digital PR to gain exposure for the show to new audiences. The entire campaign ran for only  two weeks, which means we had no time to test, and very limited time to plan.

Paid search captured all kinds of different searches relating to chocolate, for instance, ‘chocolate gifts’, ‘Belgian chocolate’ etc. Over paid social, we targeted audiences who were buy levitra tablets interested in tastemaking content, relevant food, gourmet, and lifestyle magazines, and anything specifically chocolate-related. We wanted to use every single channel possible to reach chocolate lovers, in the short space of time we had. Getting results in such a tight time frame was challenging, but we got it done.

While digital PR is less direct in the way it engages users, it’s a great way to gain editorial and lifestyle coverage for an event like The Chocolate Show. We pitched content that showcased the unique types of chocolate experiences and tastes one might experience at the show, in a way that demonstrated the culinary expertise of the chocolatiers exhibiting. This drew in people from a broader position of knowledge and intent than those we targeted via paid: together, both channels cover a user’s complete decision-making process.

You might have an amazing event planned, but it’s no good if no-one knows about it. We’re experts at events, driving awareness and ecommerce, and would love to lend a hand getting your event as much exposure as possible.