Industry: Storage, environment

Channels used: Content & PPC

Goal: Increase online visibility, build brand engagement

Storemates offer a sensible and efficient storage solution with a twist: a service where storage providers can ‘let out’ free space in their properties to storage seekers. By making use of pre-existing space, the service offers a greener, cheaper, and more convenient storage solution than conventional self-storage.

Our task was to improve Storemates’ online visibility and cultivate audience engagement. The first step identified the audiences for whom Storemates’ services were most likely to resonate: students, overseas workers, overcrowded families, and small businesses to name a few. In order to better appeal to these groups, we created a tone of voice illustrating the key themes and notes Storemates needed to hit when creating tailored content.

Splitting these audiences into ‘storage seekers’ and ‘storage providers’, we needed to develop content that could tap into the healthy ‘sharing economy’ space Storemates prioritised. By analysing search intent and identifying overlapping audience interests, we designed a content plan surrounding these themes and needs — all the while keeping in mind Storemates’ USPs and service philosophy.

Finally, we needed to synchronise Storemates’ website with the content and tone of their new strategy. To that end, we rewrote core service and USP copy, as well as redesigning their ‘About’ page, to encourage consistency with the new content and emphasise key parts of their services known to resonate with these audiences.

In addition, we set up a small PPC campaign focused on key phrases around local self-storage (for example ‘self-storage near me’) to test on-site engagement levels and the propensity for these phrases to ‘convert’ (for example, contact a seller, book storage space etc).

The learnings from the initial PPC activity were used to define and inform content themes across the site.

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