“Curated are great to work with, very professional, reactive, and able to explain the alchemy of SEO and paid search to us without losing us at the first sentence. They’ve helped us grow our business whilst keeping within budget and delivering on promises and targets.”

– Russell Blackmore, Sonic Editions

Industry: Luxury goods, homeware, music

Channels used: Paid search (PPC), organic search (SEO), content, digital PR

Goal: Sales of high quality prints (ecommerce)

From Iggy Pop to Audrey Hepburn, Sonic Editions makes limited edition high quality, framed photographic prints of some of the world’s most iconic characters. They work with some of the world’s finest photographers and picture archives to uncover and capture nuanced and unique moments in the lives of musicians, film stars, and cult heroes. Sonic Editions were our very first client.

The goal for Sonic Editions is to increase sales of their prints primarily in the UK and US but also across Europe too. To do this we have mainly used paid search, targeting high volume phrases such as ‘rock photography’, as well as artist-specific phrases, e.g. ‘Blondie print’. Sonic Editions have a cool 4,500 unique  images.

Our real success was with Google Shopping which we built out manually from scratch (remember how many images they had!?) to target fans searching for those specific images. Social media ads also performed well by targeting fans with high-quality imagery of those particular artists.

Paid is great for direct targeting, but thinking about long term, sustainable traffic, we wanted to roll in some SEO and content elements to make sure we were maximising our organic visibility for searches of specific  artists. We wrote introductory blurbs for 40 of Sonic’s top-selling artists, which have since contributed to an increase in both organic traffic and sales for those artists. As well as positively impacting organic visibility , well-written product copy also impacts conversion:  it’s the language that can really help to do the final bit of convincing work before a purchase is made.

This year has also brought particular challenges due to a number of tragedies that have happened in the music industry. With huge, decisive spikes in consumer interest for prints of icons such as David Bowie, and Prince, we have had to be very, very reactive and agile in our strategy and execution.

Good ecommerce is about much more than just sales. Drop us a line and let’s chat about how we can address your audience’s complete range of behaviour online.