“Curated were a delight to work with on the Great Daffodil Campaign 2016, and delivered above expectations, I’m pleased with the work they did and will be happy to work with them in the future”

– Neil Dickson, SEO Manager

Industry: Charity

Channels used: Content (digital PR)

Goal: Encourage involvement in, and donation to The Great Daffodil Appeal

We worked with Marie Curie to help promote, raise awareness of, and encourage people to donate to the Great Daffodil Appeal, which is held every year in March. Marie Curie are a British charity who provide free end-of-life care to terminally ill patients and their families. In 2016, the Appeal raised over 6 million pounds, which can fund 300,000 hours of care and support.

As part of an integrated SEO strategy devised by Marie Curie’s in-house SEO, Curated worked on a three month digital PR project that incorporated a two-phase campaign, which recruited people to be involved in fundraising, or to become a fundraising collector; and then to drive donations and participation within the campaign. We focused on two different key audiences who were sympathetic to the cause, and likely to actually donate.

In order to connect with this audience, we broke down the types of messaging that would stir emotion within them and motivate them to get involved and help. We also wanted to create a sense of self-awareness, that would make readers feel Marie Curie’s work was relevant to them. A key success we had was sourcing real, human stories of those affected by terminal illness and who had been involved with Marie Curie, and pitching this as local news to newspapers and community sites. You can read more about our work with Marie Curie here.

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