Industry: Beauty

Channels used: Organic search (SEO), content marketing, paid search (PPC)

Goal: Sales and brand awareness

Providing expert manicures and pedicures all over London, Le Salon have made on demand pampering simple. Either booking online or via their app, Le Salon bring nail technicians to any location within zones 1-5 and to your schedule — answering the need of so many busy Londoners who find it difficult to find the time to visit a salon.

Being new to the market, but still needing bookings to expand their business, we looked to increase their visibility with SEO and PPC, and heighten user experience on site with content.

We began by advising on structural changes to the main navigation, writing strategic pieces of copy at key navigational points to increase onsite engagement. Following this we sought out to redevelop Le Salon’s blog, After undertaking trend research we created four titles per month, which has ensured that the blog is consistently updated with content which effectively captures potential customers at the top of the funnel. We are now working to build an evergreen content hub which will be based on our signature gap analysis.

We used paid search to boost Le Salon’s presence in SERPs and drive new customers for its manicure and pedicure services. Following a thorough keyword analysis, we efficiently restructured and grew the paid search campaign by adding broad generic terms (manicure, pedicure, etc.) and extending long-tail terms within specific areas of London. Additionally, we have created Bing Ads to ensure we are capturing more potential volume.

We also set up remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs) to capture returning traffic for in-market customers. These changes had an immediate positive impact on Le Salon’s conversion rate and revenue.

When it comes to paid social, we amended the existing remarketing strategy by expanding Le Salon’s audience based on user personas. We have now started to create our own engaging ads and visual content to increase brand awareness and downloads of the app.

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