Industry: Fashion, tech

Channels used: Paid (PPC), organic search (SEO), content marketing, social media, digital strategy

Goal: New customers, sales, revenue, growth into new markets

Combining the principles of knowledge and mobility, Knomo are a London-based, international brand that designs and fabricates bags, tech, and accessories for stylish professionals who live life on the go. Knomo’s signature organisation panels are tailored specifically to house each and every digital and travel essential your day might call for, with tech features such as rechargeable battery packs, and magnetic technology to make life just that little bit easier.

Curated worked with Knomo across multiple digital marketing channels to drive new customers, and grow into new markets (Germany and the US). We primarily used paid search to drive new customers — previously Knomo had been reliant on brand, and we wanted to tap into longer tail non-branded phrases, e.g. stylish laptop bags, luxury backpacks, etc.

However, it was Google Shopping that turned out to be the star of the show: we built out the account extensively on a product by product basis to the point where it has become their biggest channel for delivering new customers and revenue.

Good ecommerce isn’t just about sales, though. Knomo had not previously utilised paid social advertising. We saw opportunity here to target competitors alongside remarketing to potential new customers who had visited the Knomo site but not purchased. Turns out, we were right: social was hugely successful, leading to more sales, and assisting many more, too. Based on these good results, we rolled out the same structure and strategy to Germany and the US.

Organic visibility and content were also important in reaching new audiences for Knomo. The site had a huge uplift in traffic after we implemented a range of on-site technical SEO fixes: now, Knomo ranks #1 for highly competitive terms such as ‘women’s laptop bags’ and ‘men’s laptop bags’.

Content is also key in introducing new customers to the products. Through sharp, clever copy on both product pages and over email, we were able to draw people into the brand and specific products through a story.

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