Industry: Hair and beauty

Channels used: Organic search (SEO), content marketing, paid search (PPC), digital PR

Goal: Sales, brand awareness, and improve organic SEO

Creating innovative hair repairing treatments and products unlike any other on the market, KeraStraight are truly coming into the hair industry spotlight. Their honest ‘does what it say’s on the bottle’ approach has won the devotion of KeraStraight fans worldwide, as well as their Global Ambassador partnership with Trevor Sorbie.  

KeraStraight’s key goal was to increase sales of their products to consumers, and treatments to salons and distributors. Achieving this goal is effected by several different aspects: we chose to initially concentrate on UX, content, and PPC.

Our first priorities in content were dictated by specific events KeraStraight was keen to promote onsite. We worked closely with the KeraStraight and the Trevor Sorbie team on a really exciting project: London Fashion Week. In creating a landing page, and content plan for the day we were able to maximise content opportunities on the day to create day in the life, get the look, and concept to catwalk pieces which illustrated the brand’s presence at London Fashion Week. In addition, we also advised on the visual restructuring of the blog and have consistently created content to highlight salon promotions, key figures in the brand, and seasonal events.

We are now working on key structural changes: advising on navigational structure, adding copy to key pages to ease the user journey and improve SEO, build out an evergreen content hub based on our signature gap analysis, and amend existing product copy. All of these factors will work to build KeraStraight’s SEO and improve the logical  user journey to conversion.

From a paid point of view, we built a brand new shopping campaign from scratch pushing Kerastraight’s ‘homecare’ products which met with immediate success in terms of both sales and on-site engagement. The plan for phase 2 is to build out more PPC ads focused around purely branded terms and branded product terms — something which Kerastraight has not previously trialled, instead relying on resellers to push. The increased paid search presence will not only help them to drive sales, but also help to improve their overall brand awareness too.

Giving your brand a boost needn’t be that complicated, but you’ve got to bear in mind that almost every strategy is different. We can help you find yours.