Industry: Kitchen and bathroom manufacturing, home renovations, trade

Channels used: Content marketing, organic search (SEO), paid (PPC)

Goal: New customers, lead generation

iflo are a Travis Perkins own brand, who provide mix-and-match stylish bathrooms and bathroom component solutions. As well as a number of quality and service USPs offered to the trade and end consumer, iflo provide complete end-to-end support and advice to help ensure you make the right choice. Having a bathroom that works is one thing, but having one that fits in with the overall character of your home is another. Helping the user realise iflo can help them connect these two things is where we came in.

We have worked closely with iflo in building, and launching a new website, in order to draw in new audiences, and generate leads. The site is set to go live imminently, but there’s been plenty to do to set strategy straight, complete extensive audience research, and get to creating content to populate the site.

As well as setting out a content strategy that addresses users when higher up in the funnel — that is, further away from making a purchase decision — we wrote loads of sharp product and introductory copy at key navigational points of the site, to help boost on-site engagement. It’s early days, but we’ve already seen a small uplift in traffic as a result of this copy being added on the existing site.

With so many products to choose from, and so many considerations running through a user’s mind, it was essential we made it as easy as possible to navigate through the information on-site, and created ‘buyer’s guide’ style content to support all of these questions and needs. This latter type of content is also fundamental in boosting search visibility against key topics we know our audience are searching for information about.

Once the site is live, we’ll start sending paid traffic to it, begin PR activity, and add all pieces of buyer’s guide content. Watch this space for results!

Do you need help launching a new website? Perhaps you need content to fill it up, or a change in strategic direction to reach a new group of people? Get in touch with us, we live for this stuff.