Industry: Fashion

Channels used: Paid (PPC), Paid Social

Goal: New customers, sales, revenue

Hobbs are a leading women’s fashion retailer, who have grown to become a name amongst the best of British design. Each season, Hobbs strives to embody the personality of the modern woman, that is at once feminine, unique, and elegant. We worked with Hobbs to achieve the goal of getting new customers.

Initially, we turned to paid search, targeting new customers by buying specific non-branded keywords around occasionwear, as well as seasonal trends (Autumn/Winter collections, etc.). This is a very competitive space, and to try and stand out we tested different variations of unique ad copy. As converting on some of the higher-volume keywords was quite difficult, we considered other ways to engage with our audience at different points throughout their decision-making process; after all, ecommerce is about more than sales.

From here, we tested the idea of pushing new customers into signing up to Hobbs’ email, rather than push directly for a sale, speculating that this would be a much more cost-effective route to purchase. We wanted to sell the audience into the brand, and lure them in with exclusivity and discounts.

The biggest success however was via paid social. There was a clear opportunity to build out ads targeting Hobbs’ competitors to reach new customers. Hobbs had not previously used paid social advertising for acquisition so we needed to make a strong business case and clearly outline our strategy before launching. Paid social ended up being one of Hobbs’ most effective new customer acquisition channels, so we’d say our hunch turned out pretty well.

It’s wasn’t all that easy, though — especially in demonstrating that non-branded searches would actually impact brand sales. Being exposed to a paid search ad and then revisiting directly in order to buy was a very valuable path to conversation. It also clearly demonstrated  that more and more new customers were becoming aware, considering, and then eventually buying into the brand and making a purchase.

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