Industry: Healthcare, vitamins and supplements, FMCG

Channels used: Content marketing, PPC, organic search (SEO)

Goal: New customers, sales, revenue

Healthspan are the UK’s largest direct supplier of vitamins and supplements: from personal nutrition to sports nutrition, skincare, and pet nutrition, Healthspan offer a sizable range of supplements to support and manage a spectrum of conditions and health concerns. Curated have worked across numerous channels on a number of Healthspan’s brands to achieve broader goals of increasing sales, as well as project-specific sub-goals such as building brand authority and trust, and boosting traffic to the site.

Our most successful piece of work for Healthspan has been conceiving and creating Menopause Advice, a complete content resource for women aged 40+: Healthspan’s core audience. We noticed significant demand for help and advice on menopause, as well as a disappointing lack of relevant literature from competitors and within the search space. From here, we rallied our editorial expertise and created one of our most successful content campaigns to date. Menopause Advice sprang from zero, to now over 14,000 visits a month. Read more about Menopause Advice.

In addition, we have also worked on content projects for sub-brands Elite, for sports supplements, and Vet Vits, for pet supplements. Not to mention numerous creative campaigns based on consumer trends, that included production of video, GIFs, and images.

Content works to boost organic search visibility and draw in audiences searching for information on health and nutrition, targeting them when they are more likely to know what they want, and are closer to a purchase decision.

Results for our efforts in paid search were impressive:

  • Monthly sales increased by 226%
  • Monthly revenue increased by 790% for Google Shopping
  • Year on year sales for Bing increased 120%, revenue 130%

Read more about our Paid (PPC) work on Healthspan

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