Industry: Music, entertainment

Channels used: Paid (PPC), content

Goals: Enquiries (lead generation)

Headliner takes the stress and bother out of booking a band for your wedding, entertainment, or corporate event. With professional profiles of bands and musicians, including photos of how they look on stage, and videos (you’ll need to know how they sound before you book them, of course!), Headliner pride themselves on having the right act for any event and budget: whether you’re after a string quartet, an a capella duo, or a late-night DJ.

The goal for Headliner is generating enquiries. This could be anything from someone who wants a band for their wedding, to corporate entertainment. To reach people we knew were closer to booking a band — for instance, from specific searches relating to musical genre, or location — we used paid search. Initially we started targeting high volume terms relating to booking a band, or searching for different genres (ceilidh is a particularly popular search, however there has only been one conversion on the correct spelling!).

Building out combinations of ‘hire a band’ and specific locations has also worked especially well, and has lead to a huge upturn in enquiries. The common path the submitting an enquiry was someone who did a very specific location or genre search, who didn’t convert, but then came back directly to the site and enquired. This shows a big increase in brand visibility: which means that more and more people will start searching for Headliner.

Thinking in a broader sense, we also pushed ads to event planners on LinkedIn, with a specially-designed page that gives them rewards for booking through Headliner. Content is also essential in reaching audiences who are searching more broadly for information. Based on our unique audience research process, we create content that addresses these sorts of questions of concerns; tapping into loads of valuable long-tail traffic.

You don’t need to be in the music business to benefit from lead generation. Whatever it is you do, we’re sure we’d be able to help you.