Industry: Education, continuing education, fashion

Channels used: Paid search (PPC)

Goal: Driving sales of short courses (ecommerce)

Offering a range of specialist fashion courses for students of all ages, the Fashion Retail Academy is an employer-led college in the heart of the bustling city of London. With a focus on practical skills and guaranteed work placements with high street brands, FRA runs short, long, fast-track and full-time courses that best prepare graduates for the realistic pulls of employment in the fashion industry. Over 90% of FRA graduates are either successfully employed within fashion retail, or continuing their studies.

FRA’s main goal was driving applications for  their short courses. We set about achieving this through paid search, targeting potential students  searching for part time courses, evening courses, and short fashion courses. Applications were the main wins, however registering for open days, and downloading brochures were also counted as important goals too. We had a very tight budget with which to drive the maximum possible amount of applications, in a very competitive space.

So, we broadened our approach to include LinkedIn, where we targeted potential candidates who were already employed in a junior fashion-related role, including fashion retail, who wanted to upskill. For instance, via a merchandising course. We also turned to other routes that lead to ‘softer conversions’ — actions that don’t directly achieve a goal, but contribute to it. For instance, engaging with content on specific  pages. All these behaviours were tracked to figure out what sorts of journeys users were taking when engaging, and how we could best get them to complete one of our goals.

Whether you’re looking for course applications, or would just like your audience to complete a certain action on your site (building an email list? Downloading a brochure?), we’re the people to talk to about it.