“Having tried several agencies in the past, and been disappointed with the amount and quality of content that has genuinely been picked up and engaged with, we came across Curated Digital. They have a refreshing approach, where in our experience they under-promise and over-deliver. We have been pleased with the content they have developed, and the way the publishers and referral traffic has been on-target for our business. They deliver well on strategy and execution for digital marketing across organic, social and PPC channels, which is a rare thing in our experience. They are honest, creative and fun people to work with”

– Barney Byfield, Managing Director, Davpack

Industry: Packaging

Channels used: Content, PPC, paid social

Goal: Brand awareness, traffic generation

Davpack are one of the leading mail order companies for packaging supplies in Europe, as well as the UK supplier within the European Packaging Solutions section of leading global business equipment group, TAKKT.

Our two core goals for Davpack are to boost brand awareness and drive traffic. To achieve these, we’ve focused our attention primarily around buy levitra in shanghai content creation, supplemented with paid media promotion. Through the redevelopment of their blog — a complete packaging knowledge hub transformation — we have seen big  increases in organic rankings around key terms, such as ‘cardboard box’ and ‘moving kits’, and improvements in traffic.

Generally campaign driven, we utilise paid social and PPC to help get as many eyeballs on the content we create as possible — a triple threat tactic which really helps improve brand awareness.

This is fully supported by buying on relevant PPC keywords for that campaign.

By defining Davpack’s key target audiences, we are able to tailor content around them, and promote it to them too. This content is designed to help answer specific questions on a user’s journey to buying packaging products — whether an entire moving kit, a double-walled cardboard box, or just some packing peanuts. We have helped shape and streamline the process of how Davpack’s readers can discover packaging-related information, ultimately helping to inform what product they may need to purchase.