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Trint is an A.I.-based software that uses machine learning to transcribe recorded audio and lets users verify and correct errors. In 2013, three developers hatched the idea for Trint, at Mozilla Festival in London, an annual coding conference in London that showcases cutting-edge media innovation. They were then introduced to Trint’s now CEO Jeff Kofman, award-winning journalist, and became the four founders of the software that would become Trint, launching the company in 2014.

Still relatively new, and with constantly evolving software, Curated were brought on to help establish Trint as the thought leader in AI, and as an authority for how AI is reinventing transcription, not just in journalism, for which it was originally envisioned, but in research, marketing and other industries.

From a content perspective, we were brought on to educate leads about what Trint is as a service and how it can work for journalists and marketers alike. Our goal for content is to move leads down the sales funnel and move from the awareness to the consideration phase, showing how Trint relates to a variety of workflows by linking to persona-focused blog content.

We also created SEO subpages, as well as additional internal links, in order to act as landing pages to improve SEO. By writing the content with keyword research in mind, the pages will work to increase SEO to the site. As the website had no information about how the software worked or could be used, we were also tasked with updating the website to include this information, which in turn leads to more sales of the products. Pages include tools for support, sales and PR. These pages will be used as tools for to answer support queries, offer deep dives for potential commercial clients and for PR outreach, including how-to video content.

On the PR side, the Curated team are gaining coverage amongst journalists and video influencers on youtube, gaining coverage in various publications.

We are also working with Trint on a paid media strategy which aims to increase brand recognition amongst searches for transcription and AI, creating highly relevant ad copy utilising extensions to enhance performance. Our paid search strategy revolves around increasing sign-ups to Trint’s free trial. Encouraging potential customers to sign up for a free trial is the best way of familiarising them to the service, with the aim of turning them into paying customers.

Giving your brand a boost needn’t be that complicated, but you’ve got to bear in mind that almost every strategy is different. We can help you find yours.