“Curated really quickly understood our business and the needs and challenges of our customers, helping us to develop a thorough content plan. We learnt a lot about how we could improve and evolve our website through their extensive knowledge of digital marketing platforms and SEO. Plus they’re a great, friendly team to work with!”

– Rachel Cutress, Marketing Manager

Industry: FinTech, SaaS, Cloud Software

Channels used: Content, Digital PR

Goal: New customers, Audience profiling, New audiences

BCSG sell award-winning, bespoke SaaS platforms to banks and telcos. This centralised marketplace contains leading cloud applications — allowing the bank or telco to increase the value of their digital proposition to their business customers.

Curated worked closely with BCSG to produce a significant piece of research to give us the capacity to create effective onsite content in a complex market. The challenge of this was our audience. As one of BCSG’s primary goals was new customers, it meant we had to specifically talk to decision makers within banks and telcos; many of whom already understand the benefits of a service such as this. Consequently, this limited our audience to a handful of people — despite it being a worldwide campaign.

The content needed to give insightful yet digestible information to these decision makers, striking the right balance between intelligent commentary and accessibility on current happenings in the market. The types of questions we aimed to answer were discovered through analysing search intent — and so boosting SEO. We achieved this through the sourcing of skilled FinTech writers within the industry, with whom we collaborated closely. As such, the content we produced was really well received.

This challenging audience also made it tricky for Digital PR. We decided that a broader approach would be beneficial to the client, as it would present them as a thought leader in the industry, as well as a provider. As such, our strategy centred on helping decision makers become SaaS and cloud software experts.

Firstly, we did a large amount of market research to not only determine the wider target audience for BCSG, but to also identify key themes they were searching for and what publications they were engaging with. We then identified gaps in those publications which could be filled by BCSG and pitched out different ideas to the editors. In addition to this, we monitored the news stories surrounding SaaS, FinTech, and cloud software to ensure that we were able to create quick turn-arounds and be reactive when the industry made headlines.

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