Lead Generation

Lead generation, quite literally, means business, and has existed as long as marketing itself. Online however, it’s a different game: it’s all about sharp targeting, and reaching the consumer at the right point of their user journey. That is, when they have a need for the messaging you bring them.

A lead is basically any way a consumer inquires with interest into your product or service, and can be measured through a different number of actions. You might count a lead as someone who has filled in a contact us form on your website, for instance.

Each and every digital channel has a part to play in a strong lead generation strategy. Here’s how.

Paid (PPC)

Paid advertising is probably what springs to mind when thinking about lead generation. And it’s easy to see why: it’s highly targeted, and ensures your brand is visible to potential customers who need what you offer.

With sharp copy and compelling calls to action, you can target potential customers at various points in their journey, and help push them closer to a purchase decision.

You can also track exactly how people behave when they see your adverts, which helps us tweak and sharpen our approach.

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Social Media

Whoever you are, and whatever you do, we can guarantee that your audience is on social in some way, shape, or form.

As well as reaching your audience with content, you can champion social to really offer your audience some value. Can they download a white paper from your site? Do you have a juicy promotion that could make them give you their email? Add the right call to action and there’s no reason why someone wouldn’t click through.

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If you want to generate leads, you’re going to need to use the right language when speaking to your audience. Enter: content marketing.

It will be language that guides the user to the point where they demonstrate interest in your brand. Choosing this language relies on a crystal clear understanding of who you’re talking to, and the kind of language they’ll respond to. You wouldn’t talk to your dear old nan the same way as a room of C-suite executives.

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Organic (SEO)

If your audience can’t find your website then they don’t even have the chance to become interested in what you’re offering them. When your audience uses a search term that relates to your product or service, your website should appear high up in search results. Getting it there relies on a range of different percentage factors.

Organic search results form the vast majority of clicks, and the heavy majority of these clicks come from page 1 of Google results. Getting your SEO strategy in check is essential if you’re serious about generating leads.

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