Filming 101: getting to grips with your camera’s basic settings (infographic)

Are you just breaking out into video? Or want to understand your camera’s manual settings in more depth? Whether you’re familiar with a DSLR camera or have never used one before in your life, that’s ok. Now is the time to break away from the auto settings and hone your craft in your own way. We’re here to break down the basics for you so you can get started quickly and let those creative juices flow!

The following infographic details the most important settings you need to get your head around before you can begin to create the masterpieces you want to! These settings apply not only to video but to still images as well — so it’ll give you a great grounding for all the bases. 

Once you have this basic understanding, you’ll have the freedom to explore your own style and techniques. So what are you waiting for? Check out the below infographic, find your subject, grab your camera, and get going!

And, don’t forget, if you have any questions, you can always give us a shout!

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