Figaro 2015

Goodbye SEO – Hello Digital Marketing

Simon spoke at a Figaro Digital conference, arguing that SEO as we knew it is well and truly dead. Long live digital marketing.

Considering the history of Google algorithm updates, Simon considers how Hummingbird changed the game. No longer would keyword stuffing be the silver bullet: now, it’s all about smart planning and actual content strategy. Create a great on-site content hub with genuinely useful and engaging content that anticipates the questions your audience are asking about your product or service: what language are they using? What are the themes in the search data? How does this map onto intent?

Simon takes us through this process via some examples of work we’ve done, and gives some key advice to help you win at digital marketing: plan, create great content, be brave without being tenuous, and be great at promoting your content.

You can watch the full presentation here.

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