Digital marketing in healthcare: how is the sector falling behind?

On 22 February 2017, Curated Digital hosted our first event: a breakfast at Google HQ in London, focusing on digital marketing in healthcare. The event discussed the healthcare industry’s challenges when implementing digital strategies and keeping up with the ever-changing sector. Today, patients are becoming increasingly aware customers, and they play a more active role in their care, however, the healthcare industry is still struggling to keep up with their needs. There is a clear disconnect between what patients want and what organisations can offer. Thus, we decided to host an event to tackle these issues head on.

The event was designed to get insights from both sides of the story: digital providers and healthcare brands. With speakers from organisations such as Google, GSK, Doctify, and The Chat Shop, the event set out to answer questions such as – why is healthcare falling behind? How can they adapt and what marketing strategies work best? And what does the future hold for digital marketing in healthcare?

GSK took to the stage first, explaining how healthcare brands need to close the gap between traditional user journeys, mobile and product usage data. According to them, there are three waves of digital distribution, and we are now entering into the third wave, which promises to close the loop between traditional journeys, mobile and product usage data. By reiterating the fact that the first course of action is to define how healthcare brands need to align themselves with their users and learn to understand the user journey, GSK went on to answer questions around predictions in the space and what we can expect to see happening in the near future.

Google gave insight into statistics around healthcare searches and how what strategies you need to adopt as a brand in the space. According to Google, digital is on track to be the only growth media channel over the next 2 years: interesting right? We thought so too! It turns out, with 2 in 3 people self-diagnosing online before going to the doctor, that digital health and artificial intelligence in healthcare are the next big thing.

Among the other key themes discussed at the event were the development of artificial intelligence in healthcare, how customers are getting their information, what metrics are being used to measure success and of course, the ethics of digital healthcare – can it ever go too far?

The event ran from 8:30 am to 10:30 am and had attendees from all over the UK, and was a great success. Needless to say, we are looking forward to hosting our next one.


“Loved it! Addressed the reality of the business and allowed for working through the problems with industry leaders and experts” – Battle Health Consulting

“Came in, learnt loads, left empowered – great content and fantastic organisation”

“Really interesting morning learning about the shortcomings of healthcare in digital. Lot’s of food for thought that we will take away and implement” – Skin and Blister Agency

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