One thing that we enjoy more than anything at Curated, is talking. Most of the time you can’t get us to be quiet, so it’s no real surprise that as soon as the opportunity presents itself, we leap to the stage and talk about what we do at just about every event we can. Not only are events a great way to showcase what you have been working on, but they are the best way to meet new people.

We have done a number of events buy vardenafil online cheap since starting out, talking about everything from how to sell your products to digital marketing in general. We have become regular speakers at events put on by London Start up Marketing and Figaro Digital.

Our talks are very open and honest with no beating around the bush. Some of the topics we have spoken about include how to develop a good social strategy, the marketing mistakes that startups make, getting paid social right and how to use content marketing to sell stuff.  

Past Events

  • The Art of B2B Lead Generation

    on Jul 25
    in B2B Marketing

    Recently, Simon took to the stage at a Figaro Digital event to talk about how to properly do B2B Lead Generation. In his presentation, he talked about the different digital marketing channels and how to use them to ensure you can target even the most niche audiences, products and services. Simon drew on his thirteen years of experience generating new business for B2B companies to showcase how you should go about doing this. In the presentation, he used real case studies to show what worked and was very open with the audience about what you should avoid. You can watch the presentation here.

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  • Digital marketing in healthcare: how is the sector falling behind?

    on Mar 2
    in Digital acquisition

    On 22 February 2017, Curated Digital hosted our first event: a breakfast at Google HQ in London, focusing on digital marketing in healthcare. The event discussed the healthcare industry’s challenges when implementing digital strategies and keeping up with the ever-changing sector. Today, patients are becoming increasingly aware customers, and they play a more active role in their care, however, the healthcare industry is still struggling to keep up with their needs. There is a clear disconnect between what patients want and what organisations can offer. Thus, we decided to host an event to tackle these issues head on. Continue Reading

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  • Figaro Digital: Digital Acquisition – the TL;DR version

    on Dec 15
    in Digital acquisition

    Simon again graced Figaro’s stage to deliver a snappy overview on how to win at digital acquisition. The talk centred around the best ways to achieve this and how to do it in line with your goals. After setting the record straight about the differences between goals (i.e engagement) and tactics (i.e. keyword rankings), Simon talked about the signature way that Curated go about taking on a new project. Starting with bespoke audience research, where we find out who a particular audience is, what they are looking for and what content they engage with, and then moving onto our signature gap analysis research process. Where is comes to SEO, this is where the magic happens so to speak. There are lots of tricks of the trade that we employ to get results, and you can pick all of them up by watching Simon’s full presentation here.

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  • The Art of B2B Lead Generation – Figaro Digital

    on Nov 9
    in B2B Marketing

    This month, Simon gave a talk on the art of B2B lead generation at Figaro Digital. His presentation highlighted how businesses using the right digital marketing channels could successfully target the most niche audiences. Continue Reading

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  • Using content marketing to sell stuff – Figaro Digital

    on Sep 30
    in Audience Research, Content Marketing

    Most recently, Simon gave a talk on using content marketing at a Figaro Digital event. The presentation outlined the importance of having really good written content on your site; content which brings value to your readers and ultimately converts readers to customers. Continue Reading

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  • Goodbye SEO – Hello Digital Marketing

    on Feb 26
    in Content Marketing

    Simon spoke at a Figaro Digital conference, arguing that SEO as we knew it is well and truly dead. Long live digital marketing.

    Considering the history of Google algorithm updates, Simon considers how Hummingbird changed the game. No longer would keyword stuffing be the silver bullet: now, it’s all about smart planning and actual content strategy. Create a great on-site content hub with genuinely useful and engaging content that anticipates the questions your audience are asking about your product or service: what language are they using? What are the themes in the search data? How does this map onto intent?

    Simon takes us through this process via some examples of work we’ve done, and gives some key advice to help you win at digital marketing: plan, create great content, be brave without being tenuous, and be great at promoting your content.

    You can watch the full presentation here.

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