Tweet it, outreach it: how digital PR and social work together (video)

When it comes to creating an integrated and effective digital marketing campaign, the various cogs in the machine have to work together. This synergy is integral to the success of a campaign. That’s why, from day-to-day trend research to full-scale campaign execution, we work closely with every essential element of the process. And nowhere is that more intertwined than with social and digital PR.

Whether PR are searching for trends or gaining extra momentum for a piece of press coverage, they will turn to the various social platforms to gain their insights and reach specific audiences. If the social team have a great idea for a campaign but need to connect with an influencer to boost its reach, they will go to PR who will locate key players in that area. The two teams are inextricably linked, and no more so than on one platform in particular: Twitter.

Social listening and engagement

Walk into any digital marketing agency and you’ll find the social team plugged into Twitter, keeping an ear to the ground for all the latest trends and evolving conversations. It’s essential not only for them to know and react to what’s going on online, but also to be able to pass those insights onto the wider network, such as the PR team.

First things first, when the social team spot a trend, either from Twitter’s own trending topics or from more in-depth research on the platform, we decide whether we want to join in with that conversation. Depending on the level of engagement we want to commit to, we might retweet relevant posts, reply to conversations, or construct our own tweet to join the existing discussion. This could be a one-off interaction or it may be an area we want to nurture through regular engagement with the developing conversation.

If a trend you’re monitoring is particularly relevant to you or a client, you may want to increase your level of engagement to stretch beyond social for a more extensive or long-term plan. That’s where digital PR comes in.

Acting is reacting

Digital PR is highly reactive, so your team needs to work quickly to get insights from experts and start sending them to publications. This way you’ll have your very own content that’s focused on the trend.

Here’s how we do it: once we’ve identified a trend and decided it’s relevant to our industry, we start to create content centred around that trend. This could be expert insights, thought pieces, or comments from experts in your brand. Once we have this unique insight, we can start pitching to journalists. If you’ve got a valuable take on the trend, it shouldn’t be long before your insight starts to appear alongside the trending content. This will raise your profile in the industry and get you great coverage.

Remember that your pitch needs to be quick and to the point, so journalists can get through it quickly and potentially use it in their articles about the trend.

The long game

If you notice after a few days that the trend is still around or is gaining momentum, it’s time to create a PR campaign around it. Think about which influencers and publications to target, and look at the content that’s already been published around this trend to start compiling a strategy. Get your social team involved to identify the right influencers and journalists that you should pitch to. Have a look at their social media profiles to get an idea of the topics they cover and make sure you’re pitching to the most relevant person at each publication. You can do this by looking at the articles they have previously written. You should now have rolling content and great coverage from publications and influencers, so make sure to get it shared.

There you have it: that’s how your digital PR and social teams can work together to identify and react to trends. When your two teams work together, you’ll be able to create perfectly timed, integrated campaigns.

If you’re wondering how your PR and social teams can work more closely, why not have a chat with us? We know how to run a fully integrated campaign!

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