#CuratedChat recap: Planning your 2018 SEO strategy

As we reach the end of 2017, it’s time to start thinking ahead. Here at Curated, it’s the time of year where we start contemplating, what’s on the horizon in SEO in 2018? Over the past few months we’ve seen a lot of interesting digital trends crop up and we can’t wait to see whether they’ll come into full swing in the new year.

That’s why we chose to discuss SEO strategy in 2018 in our #CuratedChat last week – it’s the bread and butter of digital afterall. If you were lucky enough to catch it, we were discussing SEO tactics, no-follow links, voice search and SEO tools and tips. We were joined by SEO experts, digital agencies and independent digital marketers: all sharing their viewpoints on what the coming year will hold for SEO.

Q1: Do you think no follow links are beneficial to overall SEO?

We couldn’t agree more Youness! Just because a link may not directly affect your rankings on Google, this doesn’t mean that no-follow links have no value at all. No-follow links may seem useless to some people but it’s just not true. Follow links are relevant: they can potentially lead to sales and conversions – what’s not to love?

Q2: How will your content strategy work to boost site usability?

A fantastic point made by SEO expert Nick. When your content strategy has been created with keyword research, an in depth gap analysis and formulated with a clear path to conversion around the site, it can’t not enhance a customer’s journey.

This point made by Impression is also very important. A clear understanding of what type of content suits the audience, subject and the purpose of the content will not only boost site usability, but will push audiences further down the sales funnel – everyone appreciates a smooth user experience!

Q3: Will you incorporate voice search into your content strategy in 2018? If so, how?

Production and marketing agency Trait Media Ltd shared their insight on voice search. They suggested that it should be thought about in an overall SEO strategy after a crazy year of growth. We think so too with Amazon Alexa and OK Google already changing our behaviour online. Check out of most recent blog on the effects of voice search here.

Q4: With the use of mobile ever-growing, what tools should a mobile marketer use to create a mobile-first SEO strategy?

The power of mobile in this generation should never be underestimated, as highlighted by two super interesting insights from both Youness and Nicky. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) featured highly on the prediction list for 2017 SEO tactics. However, it is fair to say that they underperformed as many brands and websites were slow to adapt. Currently it is underutilised and as Nick states the ‘winners’ of mobile will be those who adapt to AMP which efficiently serves content, reduces load time and can be considered ‘primary pages’.

We also agree with Youness that it’s time to get responsive. Mobile should be a top priority of any marketers SEO strategy – if your website only functions on a desktop device, you’re missing out on a whole wealth of users by serving them up with a frustrating user experience.

Q5: Do you find it difficult to keep clients up to date with SEO? What format do you use to feedback metrics?

We agree with SERP Health SEO when you boil it down completely. However, the format we use to feed back to our clients usually depends on their specific goals. They differ from client to client and campaign to campaign. However, as an agency we try to steer clear of vanity metrics and educate our clients to do the same.

Q6: What is top of your agenda for your 2018 SEO strategy?

Our final insight comes once again from the team at SERP Health SEO. Schema Markup is a new and powerful form of optimisation – you put this code on your website and it enables search engines to to return more informative results for users – so why wouldn’t you implement this into your SEO strategy?
At Curated, we have found that in depth content that answers the needs of searchers can have a really great return on investment. We agree that high quality content should be at the top of every marketer’s SEO 2018 strategy.

Finally, we will end on Youness’s excellent point. SEO is all about learning and testing. With the wealth of tools, tactics and tips online there has never been a better environment for SEO experts to get stuck in and try out some new skills.

Thanks to everyone who got involved in our SEO #CuratedChat! We’d love it if you joined us once again this Wednesday at 4pm to discuss social media trends.

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