#CuratedChat Recap: Jumping on the bandwagon — making social trends work for you

What makes a good social trend? When should you get involved? And when could it backfire? These are just some of the questions we touched on when we ran our last Twitter chat — and you had a lot to say! Social media is constantly changing, and so the ways in which social media marketers use these platforms must also change, but how do you know what’s right? Let’s take a look at what we found out during our #CuratedChat on social media trends.

Q1: How do you monitor relevant social media trends?


It’s clear that using both automated and manual methods is key. Automation takes a lot of the time-draining work out of monitoring trends, but we have to be wise to the fast-paced nature of the social environment, and manual monitoring and analysis is still the best method for this.

In our experience, it’s always good to save time where you can, but saving time and cutting corners is not the same thing. If you are cutting corners and not keeping your finger on the pulse of emerging digital trends manually, you may miss something key to your brand, industry, or audience.

Q2: Have you ever tried to create your own social media trend? What was your research process?


We’d say that’s spot on, Melissa. Having a clear call to action and simple messaging is important. When it comes to the research process, see what else is out there — have you got a niche or USP? If not, then find one or create one!

We hope it did Youness!

Q3: How do you think AI will affect social listening in 2018?

That’s a very good point, Gerry. We have seen this year how AI social campaigns can go wrong, or be manipulated. Are these just teething issues or are they indicative of the inherent issues with AI? We can’t say for sure on that one, but what we can say is that it’s an exciting move nonetheless. Ai will be having a huge affect in many areas, but digital marketing is certainly a key one.

Q4: Where is the line when it comes to brands engaging with controversial or sensitive trending topics, for instance, the fateful Pepsi advert?

We have some slightly opposing views here. Question is, is it worth the risk? Staying true to your brand voice is incredibly important — having a strong tone of voice is key to success on social. We’d suggest only engaging on topics where it fits your brand voice, and will be relevant to your audience.

We are certainly advocates for getting involved in wider conversations, but they still need to remain relevant to you and your audience, At the end of the day, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Imogen makes a good point here as well — be aware of all the voices in the conversation, and see where you fit before making your comment.

Melissa puts in nice and simply:


Q5: How can you ensure your trend engagement works effectively?

Whether you’re posting organically, or sharing paid content, whether it’s original ideas or ‘jumping on a bandwagon’, always keep your target audience in mind. In the end, they are your most important asset, so your social activity has to work for them, as well as you. Who are your audience? What do they want? How can you meet their needs? If these questions are front of mind, you shouldn’t go too far wrong — as long as you know your customers well.

Q6: Has your client or brand previously jumped on a trend that didn’t work out? How did you resolve the problem?

Well that’s good to know that no one in our chat has gone too far wrong so far! As Youness says, the wrong Tweet, or Facebook post, can cause problems — it’s how you then react to the mistake that will make or break a situation. It’s always best to address issues like this head on — burying your head in the sand is rarely ever a smart move! Own up to your mistakes and learn from them.

So there we have it, our round-up of the most insightful moments from our #CuratedChat on social media trends. If any of the questions or answers in this chat sparked your imagination or piqued your interest, why not give us a bell to find out how we could help support your social media strategy in the new year!

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