Content strategy

Curated’s content strategy is driven by data, and refined by creativity.

Whether it’s to inform or entertain, build trust or visibility, great content isn’t plucked from thin air. Our approach is underpinned by extensive research that gets to the core of your customer behaviour; from identifying key competitor pitfalls, to highlighting new contextual trends through search listening.

Content is more than a well-timed social post or a blog article — it upholds your brand’s entire digital footprint.


From web copy that inspires customers to take action or guides their online experience, to pages that earn you visibility on Google — it’s an integral part of user experience (UX). We believe that great content shapes how people interact with your brand, the feelings they associate with you, and how much value they get from visiting your website. By understanding this intent, we can help create a positive emotional connection with your customer.

Our content services

Using our THINK, DO, REVIEW framework, we’ve developed a three-stage strategy for digital content domination

1. Think

1. Think

Trend Analysis

It’s impossible to market to an audience if you don’t know what's influencing their choices. We look into your customer environment to determine what drives their decisions.

Competitor Analysis

Using metrics like organic visibility and share of voice, we’ll highlight key areas where your competitors are outperforming and identify opportunities to turn the tables.

Search analysis

Using search listening and organic keyword data, we’ll identify the intent behind your customer searches and use this to develop a positive customer journey through content.

2. do

Longform content creation

Whether to educate or engage, we’ll produce high-quality articles that reflect your brand, resonate with your customers, and earn you recognition.

Content audit

Mapping your content against key performance indicators, we’ll identify where your current website hits the mark, and scope out opportunities for improvement.

Web & creative copywriting

We’ll craft impeccable copy that’s optimised for search engines, and inspires your customers into action.

3. review


Our assurance product delivers ongoing search, social and competitor insights, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Great content is measurable. Whether it’s tracking organic visibility, conversion rates or brand trust, our no-nonsense reporting keeps your commercial goals at its core.

Our proven content strategy delivers tangible
results to help grow your business

Doubling appointment bookings with Specsavers

Using content to drive glaucoma awareness.

Halving Trint's CPA with content

Creating content to support multi-channel marketing. 

Breaking the menopause taboo with Become

Using content to educate and empower.

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Simon and the Curated team since early 2015 and in the last five years we have forged a close professional relationship. Together, we’ve spent the last year working on various content initiatives across all of the various businesses within Specsavers, firmly cementing Curated to our agency roster. The team have gone above and beyond contributing to our ongoing strategy discussions, championing not just content but an insight-centric approach to all of our digital output. Put simply: Curated know what they’re doing and quickly get to the heart of any problem put in front of them.“