Is your sales team adapted for hybrid working?

Hybrid working is on everybody’s radar. Whether you’ve returned to the office or not, it’s very likely your clients or suppliers are spending a day or two in the office each week. With that comes its own set of challenges. Everybody’s schedules are so different to how they looked a few years ago. While that’s a great thing for our work/life balance, there are some adjustments that have to be made to make sure that we continue to get the most out of the working week, no matter where you are sitting geographically!

One question we are always asked by B2B brands is how to get the most out of their sales team.

Here’s our interview with our Managing Director Jake Cawdery to help answer these questions…

Testing the sh*t out of LinkedIn ads, so you don’t have to

When it comes to testing a new social channel, or trying to get the most out of one you are already using, it often takes a test and learn approach. Well, if LinkedIn ads are on your list of channels to test, let us help you out by sharing everything we learned when we tested the sh*t out of LinkedIn for one of our clients.