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In the two years since we started, we’ve grown and developed hugely as an agency, in terms of product, service offering, and amount of employees. We needed a new content strategy and website experience to best reflect that, so carried out a complete re-design project: from wireframes, to making GIFs, and again to testing.

The challenge

Curated needed to re-design their website in order to execute a new on-site content strategy, improve user experience, and better communicate our brand personality and service offerings.

How to solve it

There was nothing wrong with the previous Curated website per se, but it was designed and created when our business was formed. Since then we’ve grown tremendously, and have developed our service offerings in a way the old website wasn’t doing justice to. In order to have the website better reflect our expertise and character, we sat down and went back to basics: how can we best tell our brand story?

We took a long, hard look at how we wanted to present ourselves. Web design is about more than aesthetics, it’s an interrogation of how you present your brand, and the voice you want to speak to your audience in. The site needed new wireframes, navigation, and content — written and multimedia.

Curated is goal-oriented digital marketing. We’re experts at what we do, and we love doing it. To convey this the site then needed to be clean, with clear navigation, and be rich with engaging content that both demonstrates the breadth of our knowledge, and our unique personality.

What we did

From this, we asked these essential questions to sketch out the different content sections of the site:

• How are our audience searching for information and advice about digital marketing?
• How much knowledge do they already have?
• What kind of tone should we strike: do we need to be explaining basic concepts of digital marketing, or should we focus more on advanced insight and analysis?
• How can we best communicate our USPs, and set ourselves apart from competition?

A key takeaway from this was a new ‘Goals’ section that aims to draw users in from the broadest possible position of knowledge: what they want to achieve. This is what they would want to use digital marketing for in the first place, whether that be lead generation, engagement, new audiences, or something else. These pages are an introduction to these concepts, educating readers about the potential of each channel while focusing on how channels can work together, rather than in silo.

The revamp of the ‘Meet us’ section also works to make the process of actually engaging with us — the people of Curated — a strong part of the site’s voice and experience. Each staff member has their own profile page, complete with a GIF, short bio, and list of playlists and articles they have contributed to the site.

After determining site structure and laying out a content plan, it was time to create wireframes for the site and get to creating the content. As well as liaise with our web developer throughout the design process.

Being attentive and responsive with your developer is an essential part of re-design success. Remember that developers are going from a brief, and won’t know your brand’s personality in the way that you do, so it’s important to work collaboratively with them by giving them constructive feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask for their design input, either — they’re professionals, and will be able to give you advice and mock ups if you’re looking to try something different, or more creative. Learning a bit about user experience will be particularly helpful here in communicating what you want from your new site.

What happened

Website development projects have a notorious reputation for exceeding deadlines, but this project proved that with smart planning embedded within actual marketing strategy, there’s no reason why that needs to happen. The total development and testing time was little over one week, going live right on deadline. Before that, we had about a two month period of doing all the planning and putting together all the content.

The new website works harder to capture and communicate who we are, and has allowed us to place new types of content on-site. This contributes to search visibility, drawing in new audiences, and boosting on-site engagement.

Need to re-think your website layout, but don’t know where to start? We can certainly consult and offer guidance on wireframes, telling your brand story, and how content can amplify the response you get from your re-launch. Give us a shout, we’d love to help.

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