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Curated identified opportunity to tap into a spike in consumer interest in turmeric, by creating a content-rich turmeric landing page.

The opportunity

Interest in turmeric grew by 56% from November 2015 to January this year. Audiences are interested in learning about foods that have functional properties, and specifically how they can benefit health. Audiences are particularly interested in educational content about turmeric: how it can help manage specific conditions such as sleep, joint pain, depression, arthritis, and certain diseases.

There is also keen interest in how to incorporate ‘superfoods’ like turmeric into your diet, with inspiration and recipe posts especially popular.

What we did

Interest in recipes and interest in food education are linked, but the type of content typically produced from either camp is quite different. ‘Foodspiration’ content and recipes is very picture-heavy, with a clean look, and personal copy (often from bloggers). Education content is typically drier in nature, with more thorough information, but content that is generally less engaging.

We wanted to merge the visual appeal of ‘foodspiration’ content with the informational value of health education content, to create a super resource on turmeric. We designed a long form content page, that would house an article over 1,500 words, plus engaging video and image recipe content.

Video content is often billed as being expensive and time-consuming to make, and for this reason many companies  shy away from including it as part of their content strategy. However, to tell the right story, with the right messaging, and engaging imagery, you don’t necessarily need huge investment  or even a studio. Using handheld cameras and minimal equipment, we were able to create simple, sharp, engaging videos. After all, a video is only as strong as its storyboard.

The page is deliberately bright, with creative content immediately visible. By mixing bright visuals and educational content, the information is more digestible, and easy to scroll through.

What happened 

Traffic on the content-heavy page was highly engaged, suggesting that users who visited took the time to read all of the content, and watch the videos. Not only did it influence sales, but sales also came directly from people who saw the page. We were right about the videos, too: you don’t necessarily need huge production resource to create video content.

When you see a spike in your audience’s interest, it’s essential to know how to react to get the most out of it. We can help, just get in touch.

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