How Trint halved their cost per
acquisition through content marketing

decrease in cost per acquisition via search

increase in ranking keywords

more position 1-3 ranking terms

Trint is an industry-leading automated transcription platform.

Their issue was that they were spending more than 40% of their marketing budget on a singular channel, and missing opportunities elsewhere.




Trint saw a greatly improved return on investment through digital channels. By focusing on themes and keywords which had historically converted well, as well as identifying customer pain points, we were able to provide Trint with content which was of value to their customers.

Trint saw a sharp increase in ranking keywords, with many of these in the top three listings, where we see the most traction.

  • 109% decrease in cost per acquisition via search
  • 64% increase in new users from organic search
  • 129% increase in ranking keywords
  • 96% more position 1-3 ranking terms

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