Tigerish Waters

“The team at Curated were enthusiastic, diligent, and highly professional from the start. They provided me with early reassurance that they had understood the spirit of the project, and proceeded to tailor their publicity outreach with such precision as to grant me peace of mind at every step of the way.”

– Samuel Reilly, Editor

Tigerish Waters is an independently published collection of prose, drama, and short stories that posthumously celebrates the literary talent of young writer Sophie Reilly, as well as documenting the destructive bent of her mental illnesses.

The challenge

After her death in 2016, Sophie’s brother Samuel began collating and editing Sophie’s work into what would become Tigerish Waters. The book enjoyed a healthy Glasgow Launch in early November 2017; however, its presence south of the border was minimal. Our task was to promote the book as much as possible in time for a London launch toward the end of that same month. Our aims were to:

  • Gain attendees for the London Launch
  • Get the book seen and read by credible journalists
  • Secure as much coverage for TW as possible

Given the time frame and the nature of these goals, we invested our resources into Curated’s PR channel to secure as much coverage as we could.

What we did

We had a very limited time-scale in which to drive up awareness of Tigerish Waters so we targeted both the book editors and mental health journalists who wrote for national publications. We created a media list with 60 influential London-based journalists and approached each one with a personalised pitch talking about Sophie’s story and introducing them to Tigerish Waters.

The results

Using this personalised approach Tigerish gained recognition by a large number of high profile journalists and influencers, including those who worked for The BBC, The Metro, The Sunday Mirror, The Telegraph and The Lady.

Overall, this strategy proved very effective, and alongside the success of the book launch itself, which was at capacity by month’s end, we were able to get Tigerish Waters in front of the right people and raise awareness of Sophie’s talent as well as her struggles with mental health.

Are you planning a launch of your own and need some help reaching out to the right people? Get in touch and we’ll give you a hand.

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