The Ingenium Academy

Curated used clever social targeting to increase the amount of brochure downloads from The Ingenium Academy’s website. The Ingenium Academy is a summer music programme for talented musicians aged 14-18, from around the world.

The challenge

Increase brochure downloads and traffic to The Ingenium Academy’s website, to encourage more children to sign up to their summer music programme.

How to solve it

To encourage more interest in the programme, we would first need to identify and reach as many relevant audiences as possible, and target them with messaging perfectly tailored to their needs and expectations. This would not only encourage downloads, but boost brand awareness, and reach as wide an audience as possible.

We turned to Facebook website click ads to help us achieve this, using thorough audience testing to determine who, exactly, we should target. Our key audience was 14-18 year old children, but there are also other decision-making groups that we could reach: what about parents, or music teachers?

Success would be measured as brochure downloads, but also through ad engagement.

What we did 

First and foremost, we carried out audience testing, and created three different audiences for the ads: children, parents, and music teachers. Budget was split evenly across all ads.

Engaging copy is paramount in willing someone to click on your ad. As we needed to appeal to very different audiences, we needed to use language relevant to each group. When targeting children, our copy would read: ‘Do you play the Piano? Spend the summer with us, meet new friends and learn from experts!’ Copy aimed at teachers would instead read: ‘Do you know a young Clarinet player? We want to hear from you!’


In total, 23 ads were pushed out across different categories — cello, bassoon, etc. — and were targeted at all three audiences. The campaign ran for three weeks, and when it ended we chose the six categories that performed the best to optimise, and run for another week.

We were also very careful not to oversaturate our audience with our ads, and were very attentive of any downtrends after the first few days.

What happened

It became clear that Ingenium fans were very loyal; we saw a natural spike in ‘Likes’ throughout the campaigns. This changed as the campaigns went on.

Simply clicking ‘Like’ is a low-engagement activity, and as we began the campaign with much more page ‘likes’, we were able to conclude that user engagement was low. After 13 days however, page ‘Likes’ began to overtake post ‘Likes’, which suggested that the impressions gained from the ads were actually working to boost brand awareness. As the audience became more familiar with The Ingenium Academy, they were more likely to click through to their Facebook page and take a look at the content on there. The page ‘Likes’ were a sign that they liked what they saw.

Engagement with the ads were excellent — we saw an average engagement-per-view of 14%, which is brilliant considering that an ad can be viewed many times by the same person. Engagement-per-reach came in at a strong 22%, while 13% of our engagements were post ‘Likes’.

We saw an impressive 158% increase in page likes as a result of the ads.

There was also an uplift in brochure downloads, both from paid Facebook directly, but interestingly also from organic traffic. That means that not only did we manage to hit out KPI, but we saw conversions where people had been influenced by the ad, left the site , remembered Ingenium, and then searched directly for the brand name and downloaded a brochure.

Are you interested in using social media to grow your business? That’s lucky, because we’re experts at that. Give us a call, let’s talk about it.

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