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We worked with Healthspan to create Menopause Advice, a complete informational hub on menopause for women aged 40+.

The challenge

Healthspan wanted to engage its key audience of women aged over 40, by increasing brand awareness and trust, and so boosting traffic to the site. This audience would then be more likely to consider Healthspan products.

How to solve it

We noticed that within this group there was significant search demand for information on menopause, but that there were no comprehensive resources out there that were meeting these needs. Women were faced with impersonal, medical sites that addressed big topics in a general sense; leaving them feeling intimidated and without practical solutions.

We conceived  Menopause Advice: a content hub that would sit on the main Healthspan website, that would provide genuinely useful content that was perfectly tailored to the audience’s needs. This would work to boost search visibility but also to present Healthspan as an authority on health and nutrition, by educating the reader enough to be able to make an informed decision about what product would be best for them. Tone would be supportive (unlike most other literature out there!), and address the taboo of talking about menopause head-on to gain our audience’s trust.

Based on the strength of our content, Menopause Advice would increase Healthspan’s ranking for menopause and menopause-related terms, on site engagement with Healthspan content, shares, and generate links organically.

What we did

To make sure we were creating content that was as strong and engaging as we needed it to be, we first needed to understand our audience inside-out: what do they want to know, how do they feel about the topic? What sort of language will they respond to? What sort of information are they already engaging with, and what kind of value are they getting out of it?

There was nothing of this type that existed on the internet — the topic of menopause is typically treated as taboo and often, when searching for advice women are faced with impersonal, medical fact-sheet style content. We wanted to gain the audience’s trust by bringing them a resource we knew they wanted and needed, and answered their questions in a way that awarded them a sense of control back over what they were experiencing.

Taking into account results from a survey taken by Healthspan of 1,000 women’s different experiences of menopause, plus what we learned from search data, we were able to paint a rounded picture of themes in user intent. From here, we put ourselves in the audience’s shoes and searched using these queries. What set our approach apart was that from here, we considered the content from an editorial perspective: how effective is the language, how user-friendly is the layout? We analysed how existing literature was failing to provide information the audience needed. Our content sought to fill these ‘informational gaps’.

Menopause Advice


Experts in the field were enlisted as writers: both influential women’s health writers and qualified nutritionists. Articles would address what the audience was experiencing, and offer both support, and take-away solutions. In this way the audience were educated on the benefits of certain vitamins and supplements: leading them to make informed choices and consider Healthspan products.

In building Menopause Advice, Curated worked with Healthspan from the point of drawing up initial wireframes until rounds of final website testing. This included image sourcing: we tested images and made our final selections based on audience feedback.

What happened 

From zero organic visitors just before launch, Menopause Advice now brings in tens of thousands of  organic visits per month. Within 4-6 weeks of launch, with minimal promotion, Menopause Advice began to rank for 100s of menopause, and menopause-related keywords, and has leapt in phrases that include competitive terms such as ‘signs’ and ‘symptoms’. Traffic was highly engaged, averaging 4 minutes on site, with an average of 3-4 articles viewed.

Articles shared over Facebook garnered significant traction, with experts and influencers sharing their writing to draw in engagement from their own, dedicated followers.  On native, we had similar results: on Taboola CTR’s were 3 or 4 times higher than previously experienced from other advertisers, and on Yahoo Gemini the figure jumped to 7 or 8 times higher, with engagement levels 3-4 times higher than would normally be experienced. In some cases, engagement over native was higher than other key traffic-driving channels such as social and organic.

Menopause Advice is a textbook example that good content, done right, works.

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