Hobbs — Paid social

Curated championed paid social to reach new customers — a channel Hobbs had not previously used for acquisition.

The opportunity

Hobbs had never used paid social for acquisition, but their brand was perfectly positioned to see success from it. We saw an opportunity to use different tactics on social to get lower-cost traffic and a cheaper cost per click than on other platforms, especially using remarketing. Hobbs’ competitors were doing all of this, so it was time for us to throw some weight around in the space.

From this, we made a strong business case for paid social and took it from there.

What we did

Targeting competitors, we came up with a range of different types of personas to try and figure out who the Hobbs buyer was online. These audiences were not only for remarketing but also to find new audiences, and so extend the reach of the brand.

Running about 5-10 campaigns at one time, there was a few key themes and strands of activity. As well as doing bespoke seasonal campaigns, we looked at what was trending for the Hobbs audience: for instance, if the Ascot was coming up.

To stand out, we needed to be smart in our messaging — for instance, a campaign on weddings focused not on the bride but on other people who were attending. Rather than just launching activity on paid social, we took time to divide up the audience and craft focused messaging and bespoke imagery for each small campaign.

We were optimising constantly and aligned the strategy with paid search. If we were pushing something over paid search then we’d use social as a secondary channel, using insights from the former to inform strategy for the latter. They were working together as one: if open-toe shoes were selling via paid search, we’d remarket them through social with messaging tailored to a particular point in the the audience’s journey.

What happened

With a small initial budget we proved ROI for social, which for many marketers is a kind of digital holy grail. It’s hard to do because social is more about brand awareness and nurturing the audience; for ROI to happen this would need to result in a sale. Social was influencing sales: we saw people actually clicking and buying.

In 3 months of running activity, we trebled ROI.

Time on site increased by 60% within 5 months, while ad CTR increased by 600%. The revenue that Hobbs started taking from paid social grew exponentially. 5 months into our work, revenue was 5 times what it was when we started at only marginally more cost.

Sales quadrupled in 8 months. In the same 8 months, Hobbs’ ads became much more highly engaged.

In 10 months, Hobbs’ investment in paid social trebled, and we reduced average cost per click by 75%.

Want a hand with reaching new customers, and perhaps influencing sales, using social? Drop us a line, we’d love to chat about it.

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