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We worked with The Formations Company to build an on-site content hub that would build their brand authority, increase organic traffic to the site, and increase rankings on key (competitive) terms.

The challenge

The Formations Company (TFC) wanted to boost its organic rankings for key terms related to forming a new business.

How to solve it

In order to boost organic rankings against these terms, TFC’s website needed to first identify themes in audience intent when searching for information relating to starting a business. Then, it would be genuinely useful, engaging content that would do the work in bringing that information to them.

TFC’s audience are entrepreneurs and business owners, both first-time and seasoned. They would use TFC’s services to form a business, but what would be the concerns, queries, and specific needs for information around that?

We wanted to figure out how to engage with this audience at the research point of their decision-making process, and bring them the guidance and advice they needed to help further them along their journey to becoming successful business owners. This content would boost visibility against key queries relating to starting a business, boost on-site engagement, and build brand trust so that when they were ready to form, they would know who to turn to.

What we did 

Using our unique ‘gap analysis’ audience research process, we set out to understand our audience completely. Identifying themes in search data, we mapped out the types of questions and concerns that would be going on inside someone’s head before they start a business; what sort of advice do they need; what sorts of things are they nervous about?

From here, we used this insight to put ourselves in the audience’s position, and search for information as if we were them. This way, we were able to look at the same sites they would be looking at, and analyse them both for their editorial value, ease of use, and general value they had against the user’s initial query. What set us apart here is our keen attention to language: after all, at the end of the day it is the language on a page that does the work in engaging the user.

The Formations Company


We then built out an extensive content plan that grouped advice into six key categories: accounting, legal, marketing, running a business, industry specific, and funding. Each houses several sub-categories, with packets of content that elaborate on more specific topics. This allows us to take an incredibly thorough, focused approach in exploring these topics, which helps tap into long-tail search traffic against each of them.

This content is produced on a rolling basis, with new research every quarter.

What happened

The strategy has been very successful, with The Formations Company’s website seeing continuous increases week-on-week, in terms of organic transactions and revenue generated. The site has also seen unprecedented levels of organic visibility around informational search queries, industry-specific phrases, and highly competitive terms such as ‘company formation’ and ‘company formations’ which we reached #1 for.

We’re great at writing articles, but are champions where it comes to other types of content, too. Drop us a line and let’s chat about how we could help you.

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