Digital marketing in healthcare — Curated events

Based on previous success in the healthcare space and knowledge of trends in both healthcare and digital, Curated identified an opportunity to establish themselves as an authority and engage with key players in the sector by holding an event.

The opportunity

Curated has had much success working in the healthcare space, particularly where it comes to content marketing. Through gap analysis, our unique audience research methodology, we’ve become aware of consistent knowledge gaps across audiences and ways in which brands and other informational websites are failing to meet these needs.

We wanted to communicate to brands how they were falling behind where it came to addressing these consumer/patient needs and get them engaged in thinking about how digital can work harder to augment patient care.

How to solve it

Armed with these insights and knowledge of consumer trends in digital, we figured that the best way to communicate how brands and healthcare players are missing a trick would be through discussion.
So we decided to hold an event, featuring high-profile speakers and experts who have tackled these problems in different ways. This would establish Curated as a thought-leader and expert in the space and encourage healthcare brands to consider the importance and capabilities of digital.

Topics discussed at the event were too complex and nuanced to fit into a piece of content, and because we were also considering how particular trends and behaviours might play out into the future, we felt the having speakers share their experiences and having a panel discussion would be best as a format.

Curated had never run an event before but after considering our resources, connections, and the nature of the topics we wanted our audience to mull over, it was clear that it was the way to go.

What we did

This was new ground for Curated, but had similar beginnings to any other content marketing campaign: audience and trend research, a content plan (what points would the speakers and discussion panel cover? What’s going to go on the event page? etc.), and a strategy for getting audiences engaged with said content enough to sign up.

After laying out the direction for the event and talks, we researched audiences that would be interested in the topics and scoured our existing networks for experts that would be able to give a talk. Curated is a Google premium partner so we were able to host the event at their Kings Cross campus.

For anyone who has never run an event before, know this: finding an audience and getting them to register can take a long time if you aren’t flexible in your approach. There are hundreds of little things that will crop up before it’s time for launch that you hadn’t thought about, like what to put on the name tags for the attendees, which supporting materials you need to create to preclude and follow the event, and whether or not you should include open fields on the feedback forms. There will probably be tech issues and your speakers might not use the microphones properly.

Initially, we tried a mass mailer approach to attendees in various industries but weren’t getting the response we wanted. So we tried running some targeted ads to promote the event over Facebook and LinkedIn which worked incredibly well —within a week of setting up the ads, the event sold out.

Against a tight deadline due to speaker availability, we managed to throw everything together in just over one month, including follow-up activity such as PR and sending out a packet of information to attendees.

What happened

The event was a huge success. We surpassed our target attendance rate and had overwhelmingly good feedback from the forms, many of which asked when we would be running our next event. Some of the conversations the Curated team had at the event have formed into relationships, have embedded us further into the sector, and paved way for future collaborations.

Some of our social profiles also had a spike in followers after and during the event, while knowledge and ideas shared in the event were picked up by journalists and featured by a handful of online publications. We learned as well that the best way to reach our audience for events like this was via targeted ads, rather than email, and that there was a clear need for discussion and understanding of digital marketing, trends, and channels for healthcare brands.

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