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Curated were tasked with increasing awareness and user engagement for Davpack’s new range of moving kits — boxes for moving house or office — across various digital platforms, targeting both B2B and B2C markets.

The opportunity

Davpack usually position themselves within the B2B market when selling their huge range of cardboard boxes. However, with the release of the new moving kits range, this opened them up to the B2C market as well; a space they were not as established in. As such, our target reach extended. Through our audience research process, we gathered the necessary information on who were the most relevant for these products: first time buyers, students, office managers, and small businesses moving office. Each audience were highly engaged online, with a high percentage active on YouTube.

We felt that video would be a great showcasing tool for the products. It would form the centre point of a very successful three-month campaign that utilised organic content, social media, and PPC.

What we did

We created a short video that highlighted the qualities of one of the moving boxes. However, our research indicated that simple product videos didn’t really engage well on YouTube. Nor when promoted over social platforms such as Facebook, due to the sales-y nature. As such, we needed to create a tonal difference to similar, sales-y packaging content that was currently out there. Humour, therefore, was essential.

The video primarily focused on the structural capacities of the moving box. The comic relief came in the form of a comparison box — one that was not suitable for moving with. This box provided moments of fail humour such as being rather tattered and battered and books falling through the bottom when lifted off the floor. These were all countered when showcasing Davpack’s moving box: highlighting build quality, space, and ease of use (carry handles). It framed Davpack’s moving box as a superior option to other cardboard boxes, but in a humorous way that negated the sales-y angle of the video. This was further emphasised with clever on-screen text.

What happened

With minimal budget, the video received a high percentage of views of over 50% watch time on Facebook — watch times of 25% and above are considered good engagement. It suggested that people engaged well with the video. Alongside blog content and paid activities, we managed to boost relevant keyword rankings for the campaign, as well as significantly boost core keywords for the client.

The success of this campaign, and the video in particular, resulted in the commissioning of a second project — this time entirely devoted to video production. You can watch the video below:

If you fancy learning a bit more about how we can help you with your video content, just let us know.

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