Child Bereavement UK

“The campaign has exceeded all our expectations and we’re delighted with the response across all media. It was an ambitious project and new territory for our charity and Curated’s superb support with the ads and posting has been an enormous help.”

– Robin Ngai, Digital Media Executive for CBUK

“We were really impressed by Curated’s depth of knowledge, insight and expertise. It was great working with such a professional and approachable team.”

– Clare Beavis, Pearl Films

Child Bereavement UK is a charity that gives face-to-face support to children, young people, and families, when a child grieves or when a child dies. We were tasked with helping to boost awareness of their One More Minute campaign, the visuals of which were created by Pearl Films UK.

The Challenge

CBUK and Pearl Films UK had created a collection of video assets for their new One More Minute campaign. With such high quality, emotive assets, the production company and the charity wanted to ensure these videos would get maximum exposure, targeting those who could commit to donating to the charity, as well as increasing awareness around the campaign.

What we did

CBUK, although a small charity, were already well versed in how to promote their content organically on social media, but wanted to find a way to reach a wider audience. Through the increase in awareness of the work the charity does, they hoped that more people would be encouraged to give and support the organisation, most notably through recurring monthly donations.

Because of the size of their budget and the nature of the campaign, we advised it would be best to run a series of targeted social ads on Facebook. We decided to target female parents between the ages of 30-60 who had an interest in charity and worked in relevant sectors. Following research, we found that this demographic would be the most likely to engage with the subject matter as well as action that engagement into donations.

We ran seven different iterations of ads, including still images and videos. The campaign lasted for a month and ran alongside the organic content. A small amount of the budget was also designated to spend on boosting the organic posts. This combination was implemented to encourage users to share their own #OneMoreMinute wish, as well as engage with them to find out more about the campaign and, ultimately, donate to the cause. Throughout the campaign we monitored the ads, optimising incrementally for the best results.

The Results

The campaign worked incredibly well and spurred a lot of engagement on Facebook. Out of the seven ads, we found that video versions, more specifically those including celebrities such as Rio Ferdinand and Mary Berry, performed the best.

The campaign succeeded in increasing traffic to the website. We sent an additional 4,800 people to the website and reached over 55,000 people with targeted ads.

The campaign also had a high impression rate on Facebook as well as many users engaging (commenting and reacting) with the content.

Most notably, we received many users commenting what they would say if they had one more minute with their loved one, which was very moving and showed the emotional connection people were experiencing with the campaign.

Overall, the campaign:
-Reached over 55,000 people
-Had over 116,000 impressions
-Resulted in over 2,000 link clicks

“It was an honour being able to work on a campaign that has such a positive impact on people’s lives. It was amazing to be able to help them fulfil their goals by getting the campaign out there to a new audience, as well as spreading the message of the work they do.”

– Danielle Smith, Account Manager

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