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Curated saw an opportunity to tap into Britain’s interest in the 2016 Olympic Games, by creating a content-rich page celebrating the nation’s love of sport. The page would go live during the Olympics.

The opportunity 

According to Sport England, the 2012 Olympics saw a boost in the number of people playing sport. Athletics and cycling have seen the biggest increases in participation, and while swimming is declining in popularity still remains the number one sport. These sports are three of the most popular to play in Britain, as well as keen favourites to watch. We knew that there would be a boost in interest towards sport during the games, and wanted to translate that intent into real action in getting active.

Even recreational sports bring new strains on the body, and many people who play sport feel they aren’t ‘serious’ enough about it often overlook these key considerations. Simple knowledge such as caring for joint health, and how to manage muscle recovery, can make a world of difference to overall health and wellbeing.

What we did 

Taking our research into account, we created brief guides for cycling, running, and swimming that would act as a lead-in to actually participating in each. Content broke down what happens to your body when participating in that sport, covering muscles used, and different types of strains and needs when engaging in the sport differently, e.g. sprint vs. distance cyclist; freestyle vs. backstroke.

The guides then went on to describe which supplements could help support the audience’s health when participating in that particular sport: introducing them to Healthspan Elite’s products in a genuinely useful context.

Whilst the page contained interesting information, we didn’t want it to overwhelm the user with too much text. We created a series of creative assets, including videos and GIFs, to enforce the idea of movement and being active in the sport. Video is often very expensive and resource-heavy, but using what we had we were able to craft storyboards that were simple and focused, and communicated our message perfectly.



The content was upbeat, bright, and action-packed but featured regular people engaging with sport as part of their normal routine: giving the message that anyone can play sport, and everyone who does can take easy steps to look after their health.

Due to the timely nature of this campaign, we were required to turn this around in less than a week.

What happened 

With minimal promotion, engagement with the page has been very high, suggesting that users took the time to read all the content, and watch the videos. We managed to meet the tight deadline and provide all assets, copy, and design feedback before the end of the first week of the Olympics.

Want to learn more about what it takes to pull together a reactive campaign? Drop us a line, let’s talk.

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