The Blooming Great Tea Party – Marie Curie

Having previously worked with Marie Curie on their Great Daffodil Appeal Campaign in 2016 and 2017, Curated were brought on for an additional two months to support their Blooming Great Tea Party campaign.  

The challenge

Raise awareness of the event and boost Marie Curie’s search visibility against phrases relevant to it, using only digital PR. Success would be measured by the calibre and amount of coverage gained.

What we did

Time was of the essence with this campaign as we had just two months to develop and implement a digital PR strategy. Having conducted extensive audience research, we decided that the best way to do this would be through influencer marketing. This influencer content would both raise awareness of the cause and encourage people to sign up for their own tea parties. We chose influencers over mainstream media as we wanted to appeal to the human element of the campaign.

In order to identify influencers, we conducted in-depth research into their overall engagement statistics, previous work, and social media following. We also ensured that their main audience was in line with who Marie Curie wished to target.

We didn’t want the campaign to simply consist of articles about the event, as we know that people can lose interest if they are being fed the same content constantly. Instead, we wanted to tap into people’s creativity and draw out the tea party theme. In order to do this, we approached various influencers around the UK and asked them what they thought about creating their favourite tea-time treat. These posts would then link back to the Blooming Great Tea Party page, which in turn encouraged readers to click through to the site to learn more and sign up to host their own tea party for the charity.

An example of some of the coverage gained in the campaign, from Adventures in Tea and Cake

What happened

The campaign was a huge success. We almost tripled our target, gaining coverage on numerous food, lifestyle, beauty and family blogs, reflected in the graph below.

By breaking away from the traditional route of using mainstream media route and focusing purely on influencers to create relatable and fun content, our results went through the roof.

As well as forming human connections with the influencers they follow, we know that people engage with content that they find useful. By coupling these two factors and giving people lots of different ways to bake their favourite tea time treats we were able to engage our target audience via more coverage than we initially expected.

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