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Sustainable Period Care: Search & Social Trends 2022

Understanding consumer attitudes towards the boom in sustainable menstrual products 

Far from shying away from what once was a taboo subject, brands — and consumers — are putting periods in the spotlight more than ever. 

From TV ads that put the focus back on reality, like brands using real blood in their ads as opposed to the blue liquid we’d come to accept as standard, to new brands springing up to answer consumer concerns around sustainability, the period industry boom is real. 

Spurred on by the pandemic, sustainable alternatives to period care have exploded. In this report, we explore what, and who, is driving this upward trend. 

Key stats:

  • The market size of the industry is predicted to hit 52 billion USD by 2023
  • 124% increase in ‘menstrual cups’ searches globally
  • 51.2% increase in ‘period leggings’ searches in 2021
  • 82% of shoppers said that sustainability is more top of mind now than it was before the pandemic

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