Does your agency really understand what you need?

Insights | 03/03/2022 | Written by Matt Stump

Recently Curated won a client that we were really excited about the prospect of working with, and were delighted to win as their brief was absolutely perfect for what we do.

Winning the pitch was great, but actually the best part for us was hearing about why we had won it. The analogy used was that we were like a Scalpel, who had precisely and accurately found & understood their problems, whilst providing bespoke examples of what we would do to help them.

The contrast to this was that the other agency was good, but more of a swiss army knife who could do everything, but not as precisely. 

As someone in sales, there is not much better than hearing that your pitch landed this well, but this did get me thinking…

Do most brands work with a partner who is a swiss army knife or a scalpel? And more importantly, who should they work with?

Now the Swiss army knife is a great tool, it does a couple of things really well, and it does a lot of other things to a reasonable standard. However, given the choice, everyone would make use of a special-purpose tool, which is built purely for the necessary job at hand. And, given the choice, every business should make use of a specially crafted marketing strategy, that is built for hitting their goals. 

Whilst that should be the case, it is not uncommon for a PPC specialist agency to take on an SEO brief, or an SEO agency to have a go at running some paid social ads. Unsurprisingly more often than not, this does not work. 

What can brands do to avoid this one-size-fits-all approach?

The agency space is highly over commoditized, with many agencies focusing on the channel & the delivery, rather than the end goal. This often leads to brands paying for disjointed digital marketing campaigns which may be set up brilliantly, but still leave a lot of money on the table when it comes to wider opportunities. 

It is vital that brands do not get caught up in the channel and instead think about the holistic approach. With every project, it is imperative to ask yourself if this is going to help reach your commercial goals, if not, there is no point in doing it. 

How does Curated differentiate itself from this?

Now, we are slightly different to this, as we are a consultancy that focuses entirely on building strategies that hit commercial goals.

We do deliver our strategies, as our team has grown up in executing core services such as SEO, PPC, Content & Social Media.

If you are interested in why we pivoted to a consultancy during the pandemic, then you can read about this here! 

Now, back to the analogy at the start of this article. We are a scalpel. Just like a surgeon, we dissect where brands are at, and develop marketing strategies that leave their bottom line healthier! We will not tell you we can do everything. If we cannot undertake a certain activity and we believe it is of value, we will introduce you to our trusted network of precision tools, otherwise known as ‘our partners’. We still play the role of the lead surgeon, orchestrating your brand to improved health.

If this sounds like something that you could be interested in, then please get in touch & we can discuss where and how we could help you.  

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