Sara Feiz

Sara Feiz

Sara is an adventurous creature who enjoys leading an active life and having new experiences, be that from travelling, immersing herself in different cultures, getting to know new people, or experiencing new cuisines. She highly embraces her Persian heritage as well as well as her English upbringing and has a degree in Economics and Law from SOAS, and an MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management from Imperial College. Since finishing her studies she has obtained experience across various areas of marketing in FMCG’s and start-ups. Sara is highly innovative and enjoys analysing numbers and data to come up with creative solutions to business problems – and from this arises her passion for digital marketing and PPC.

From: Somewhere in the Middle East
Music: R&B (anything danceable)
Film: Too many
Book: Anything Paulo Coelho
Food: Sushi
Drink (Morning): Coconut latte
Drink (Evening): Prosecco

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